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34 publications found for year '2018'.

Peer-reviewed international journal articles (21)

[2018ACLI4531] - Dapogny, Arnaud and Bailly, Kevin (2018). Face Alignment with Cascaded Semi-Parametric Deep Greedy Neural Forests.
Pattern Recognition Letters Vol 102 Pages 75-81.
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[2018ACLI3996] - Dapogny, A. and Bailly, K. and Dubuisson, S. (2018). Confidence-Weighted Local Expression Predictions for Occlusion Handling in Expression Recognition and Action Unit Detection.
International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV) Vol 126 No 2-4 Pages 255–271.
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[2018ACLI4086] - Dapogny, A. and Bailly, K. and Dubuisson, S. (2018). Dynamic Pose-Robust Facial Expression Recognition by Multi-View Pairwise Conditional Random Forests.
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing to appear.
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[2018ACLI4490] - Leang, I. and Herbin, S. and Girard, B. and Droulez, J. (2018). On-line Fusion of Trackers for Single-Object Tracking.
Pattern Recognition Vol 74 Pages 459-473.
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[2018ACLI4502] - Bochereau, S. and Sinclair, S. and Hayward, V. (2018). Perceptual Constancy in the Reproduction of Virtual Tactile Textures With Surface Displays.
ACM Transactions on Applied Perception Vol 15 No 2 Pages 10.
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[2018ACLI4510] - Aklil, N. and Girard, B. and Denoyer, L. and Khamassi, M. (2018). Sequential action selection and active sensing for budgeted localization in robot navigation.
International Journal of Semantic Computing Vol 12 No 1 Pages 109--127.
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[2018ACLI4517] - Lefèvre-Colau, M.M. and Nguyen, C. and Palazzo, C. and Srour, F. and Paris, G. and Vuillemin, V. and Poiraudeau, S. and Roby-Brami, A. and Roren, A. (2018). Recent advances in kinematics of the shoulder complex in healthy people..
Ann Phys Rehabil Med. Vol 61 No 1 Pages 56-59.
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[2018ACLI4518] - Lefèvre-Colau, M.M. and Nguyen, C. and Palazzo, C. and Srour, F. and Paris, G. and Vuillemin, V. and Poiraudeau, S. and Roby-Brami, A. and Roren, A. (2018). Kinematic patterns in normal and degenerative shoulders. Part II: Review of 3-D scapular kinematic patterns in patients with shoulder pain, and clinical implications. .
Ann Phys Rehabil Med. Vol 61 No 1 Pages 46-53.
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[2018ACLI4523] - Dragicevic, Pierre and Jansen, Yvonne (2018). Blinded with Science or Informed by Charts? A Replication Study.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics Vol 24 No 1 Pages 781-790.
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[2018ACLI4528] - Spodenkiewicz, M. and Aigrain, J. and Bourvis, N. and Dubuisson, S. and Chetouani, M. and Cohen, D. (2018). Distinguish self- and hetero-perceived stress through behavioral imaging and physiological features.
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry Vol 82 Pages 107-114.
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[2018ACLI4530] - Varni, G and. Hupont, I. and Clavel, C. and Chetouani, M. (2018). Computational Study of Primitive Emotional Contagion in Dyadic Interactions.
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing to appear.
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[2018ACLI4547] - Merad, M and de Montalivet, E and Touillet, A and Roby-Brami, A and Jarrasse, N (2018). Can we achieve intuitive prosthetic elbow control based on healthy upper limb motor?.
Frontiers in Neurorobotics Vol x Pages xx -- xx.
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[2018ACLI4553] - Cohen, Laura and Chetouani, Mohamed and Régnier, Stéphane and Haliyo, Sinan (2018). A natural interface based on intention prediction for semi-autonomous micromanipulation.
Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces Vol 12 No 1 Pages 17--30.
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[2018ACLI4554] - Bourvis, N. and Singer, M. and Saint Georges, C. and Bodeau, N. and Chetouani, M. and Cohen, D. and Feldman, R. (2018). Pre-linguistic infants employ complex communicative loops to engage mothers in social exchanges and repair interaction ruptures.
Royal Society Open Science Vol 5 No 1 Pages 170274.
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[2018ACLI4580] - Cazé, R. and Stimberg, M. and Girard, B. (2018). [Re] Non-additive coupling enables propagation of synchronous spiking activity in purely random networks.
ReScience Vol 4 No 1 Pages 1.
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[2018ACLI4563] - Chalard, R. and Reversat,D. and Morel,G. and Mozer, P. and Vitrani, M.-A. (2018). Precisely positioning the tip of an instrument inserted through an orifice with a free wrist robot. Application to prostate biopsies.
IJCARS Vol 13 Pages 1-8.
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[2018ACLI4566] - Anzalone, S. and Xavier, J. and Boucenna, S. and Billeci, L. and Narzisi, A. and Muratori, F. and Cohen, D. and Chetouani, M. (2018). Quantifying Patterns of Joint Attention during Human-Robot Interactions: an Application for Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment.
Pattern Recognition Letters to appear.
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[2018ACLI4567] - Schuller, B. and Weninger, F. and Zhang, Y. and Ringeval, F. and Batliner, A. and Steidl, S. and Eyben, F. and Marchi, E. and Vinciarelli, A. and Scherer, K. and Chetouani, M. and Mortillaro, M. (2018). Affective and Behavioural Computing: Lessons Learnt from the First Computational Paralinguistics Challenge.
Computer Speech & Language to appear.
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[2018ACLI4572] - Dollé, L. and Chavarriaga, R. and Guillot, A. and Khamassi, M. (2018). Interactions of spatial strategies producing generalization gradient and blocking: a computational approach.
PLoS Computational Biology Vol 14 No 4 Pages e1006092.
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[2018ACLI4576] - Grossard, C. and Chaby, L. and Hun, S. and Pellerin, H and Bourgeois, J. and Dapogny, A.and Ding, H and Serret, S. and Foulon, P. and Chetouani, M. and Chen, L. and Bailly, K and Grynszpan, O. and Cohen, D (2018). Children facial expression production: influence of age, gender, emotion subtype, elicitation condition and culture.
Frontiers in Psychology to appear.
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[2018ACLI4582] - Khamassi, M. and Velentzas, G. and Tsitsimis, T. and Tzafestas, C. (2018). Robot fast adaptation to changes in human engagement during simulated dynamic social interaction with active exploration in parameterized reinforcement learning.
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems to appear.
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Book chapters (2)

[2018COS4062] - Saoud, H. and Plumet, F. and Ben Amar, F. (2018). Adaptive sampling with a fleet of autonomous sailing boats using artificial potential fields.
Marine Robotics and Applications, Springer, editors, Springer, publisher No 10 Pages 15-27.
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[2018COS4520] - Khamassi, M. and Pacherie, E. (2018). Action.
Andler, D., Collins, T. and Tallon-Baudry, C. (Eds.) La cognition : du neurone à la société, Andler, D. and Collins, T. and Tallon-Baudry, C., editors, Paris, France: Gallimard, publisher
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International invited talks (2)

[2018INVI4522] - Khamassi, M. (2018). A computational account of the role of dopamine in model-free learning and exploration modulation.
EBPS Computational Psychiatry Workshop (Flagel, S.B. and Paulus, M.) University of Cambridge, UK. invited conference.
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[2018INVI4573] - Vitrani, M.-A. (2018). Experiential education in robotics.
European Robotics Forum ERF 2018 Tampere, Finland. invited conference.
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Peer-reviewed international conference papers (4)

[2018ACTI4558] - Saint-Aubert, Justine and Régnier, Stéphane and Haliyo, Sinan (2018). Cable Driven Haptic Interface for Co-localized Desktop VR.
2018 IEEE Haptics Symposium Pages 1-6. San Francisco, USA.
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[2018ACTI4574] - Roche and Richer and Saint-Bauzel (2018). The SEMAPHORO Haptic Interface: a real-time low-cost open-source implementation for dyadic teleoperation.
Proceedings of the Embedded Real-Time Softwares and Systems Congress Pages 1-6.
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[2018ACTI4575] - Roche and Saint-Bauzel (2018). High Stiffness in Teleoperated Comanipulation : Necessity or Luxury ?.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (IEEE ICRA) Pages 1-7.
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[2018ACTI4577] - Pasala, S. and Khamassi, M. and Pammi, V.S.C. (2018). Geometric features that describe reference frames in forming intuitive landmarks during spatial navigation.
Proceedings of Seventh International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC 2018) Pages in press. Rome, Italy.
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Conferences without proceedings (3)

[2018COM4583] - Liénard, J. and Girard, B. and Doya, K. (2018). Action selection and reinforcement learning in a Basal Ganglia model.
Eighth International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making Paris, France. poster #59.
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[2018COM4584] - Berthelon, G. and Liénard, J. and Doya, K. and Girard, B. (2018). Dichotomous organization of the Globus Pallidus externa reproduces long pauses in a spiking model of the monkey Basal Ganglia.
Eighth International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making Paris, France. poster #8.
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[2018COM4585] - Cinotti, F. and Fresno, V. and Aklil, N. and Coutureau, E. and Girard, B. and Marchand, A. and Khamassi, M. (2018). Dopamine regulation of the exploration-exploitation trade-off in rats.
Eighth International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making Paris, France. poster # 17.
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Patents (1)

[2018BR4560] - Weill--Duflos, A. and Haliyo, S. and Régnier, S. and Petit, O. and Hayward, V. (2018). Capteur de force sans raideur mécanique.
No 1850231
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Other publications (1)

[2018AP4562] - Aubin, L. and Khamassi, M. and Girard, B. (2018). Prioritized Sweeping Neural DynaQ with Multiple Predecessors, and Hippocampal Replays .
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