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Professor: chair AI LIP6 - ISIR

This chair (48-month fixed-term contract + environment), at professor level, aims to strengthen the scientific activities of the 2 laboratories of the Sorbonne University, the ISIR and the LIP6, and to create or strengthen collaborations between their members. The successful candidate will have to build his/her activity in computer science within the framework of SCAI (Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence), at the intersection of the themes of the two laboratories ISIR and LIP6. He/she will be attached to one of these laboratories but will collaborate, in his/her research activity, with researchers and/or teachers/researchers from both laboratories, typically by co-supervising the work of doctoral students assigned to the two laboratories. The themes envisaged, in a non-exclusive way, concern:

  •     human-computer and human-robot interaction, through cognitive, physical and socio-emotional aspects
  •     collective intelligence
  •     deep learning, imagery and vision
  •     Learning Analytics and more broadly, AI in a learning context
  •     deep learning and quantum computing

Thus, the candidate recruited will have to be able to either reinforce the work of the two laboratories in these themes or bring new skills in these themes.
Teaching will be done within the framework of the Bachelor's (licence) and Master's degree in computer science.

Licence : Jean-Lou Desbarbieux Master : Evripidis Bampis

Contact ISIR: Guillaume Morel

Contact LIP6: Fabrice Kordon

More information (in French):

WARNING, on this competition, the campaign ends on March 6, 2020.