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Robotics and Neuroscience Days 2012


Robotics and Neuroscience Days, ISIR, Paris, France, 29-30 november 2012

The GT8 workgroup of the Robotics GDR is organizing on November 29-30th two "Robotics and Neuroscience" days. These days will take place at ISIR, in Paris. The first day is co-organized with the GDR Neuroscience of Memory and will have the following topics: Learning, conditioning and goal-directed behaviors. The second day is specific to the GDR Robotics but will also gather neurobiologists and roboticists around the topics: Attention and saccadic eye movements.

Registration is free but mandatory by e-mail (see documents below).

Click here to download the program of Day 1 "Learning, conditioning and goal-directed behaviors".

Click here to download the program of Day 2 "Attention and saccadic eye movements".