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Project Title: Developing and implementing a framework for evidence-based practice for technology relevant for autism

16 months post-doctoral position, ISIR, Paris, France

Opened from first semester of 2017

The ISIR (Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique) is seeking a post-doctoral researcher to work on a binational project lead by the University of Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France) and the University of Bath (UK). The goal of the project is to co-develop, with the autistic community, an accessible Evidence Based Practice (EBP) framework to enable an understanding of the evidence base for digital interventions (e.g. educational video games, tablet apps, robots, virtual reality) dedicated to the Autism Spectrum Disorder. To enable the autistic and autism communities to effectively contribute to the co-design of the EBP framework, novel protocols will have to be developed for online participatory design (using Twitter, Facebook, Skype,

The post-doctoral researcher will co-ordinate and liaise with the research team. She/he will have the following requirements: To be French-English bilingual and have a doctorate (or equivalent experience) in a relevant discipline (e.g. Psychology, Computer Science). She/he will also have experience with autistic and autism communities; be willing to learn how to run focus groups with the Delphi study methodology; gain experience with participatory methodologies and social media – ideally with some experience with some of these criteria.

The co-ordination and running of the focus groups and expert groups will be primarily undertaken by the Researcher. His line managers will be Grynszpan (France) and Brosnan (UK), although all team members (including researchers from the USA, Scotland and Spain) will be actively working with and advising the Researcher. The Researcher will lead on the analysis of the focus groups into the development of the EBP framework, again in consultation with the research team. The Researcher will also lead the whole team in the dissemination activities, the writing of papers, accessible documents and the MOOC development.

The researcher will be mostly living in France, but will also have to spend extended periods of time in the UK.

Required documents: Resume/CV, 1 cover letter in French and 1 in English, 2 contacts for referees
To be sent to: ouriel.grynszpan [at] ; M.J.Brosnan [at]
Deadline for applications: January 24th 2017
Interviews: January 31st 2017

Attached file : descritpionOfProject_forJobAdvert.pdf