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Assistance to Therapeutic Gestures and Applications

The AGATHE team works on the design of robotic devices to assist with medical procedures. Two types of medical applications are targeted: surgical procedures (dexterous instruments, assistance robots) and assistance to people suffering from a motor deficit (motorized orthotics and prostheses, intelligent walkers).

Scientific Positioning

To develop robotic gesture assistance devices, our activities cover:

  • Analysis of human gesture and motor control, in order to produce models describing kinematics and sensorimotor loops,
  • Optimal design of robotic devices for increased gesture, in particular kinematic aspects and multimodal communication interfaces with users,
  • The control of assistance robots by physical human-robot interaction (in particular co-manipulation) and through multimodal interaction (sensory fusion, augmented reality, etc.).


We apply our research to many fields of health:

  • Minimally invasive surgery,
  • Learning the medical gesture,
  • Help with walking and postural stability,
  • The replacement of the upper limbs,
  • Neuromotor rehabilitation.

Discover in video the research activities of the AGATHE team:

Referent contact :

Jérôme SZEWCZYK, Head of the AGATHE team