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Architectures and Models for Adaptation and Cognition

The AMAC team is interested in the development of models of perceptual, cognitive and motor functions, as well as the synthesis of control architectures from an integrative perspective. It thus has a dual purpose. On the one hand, the understanding of the living through a mathematical and computer modelling approach of cognitive and motor functions, and the synthesis of robotic control architectures. On the other hand, to provide robots with cognitive and motor capacities integrating decision making and learning.

Scientific Positioning

The team is interested in the conditions for the development of cognitive abilities allowing rich and complex interactions with the environment:

  • Interdisciplinarity at the interface between engineering and modeling of living organisms,
  • Reinforcement learning and decision making,
  • Invariants and sensorimotor representations,
  • Uncertainty and probabilistic calculation.


The fields of application are :

The methodologies developed pursue a common goal: the understanding of the mechanisms underlying perception, action, decision and their organisation, with biology serving as inspiration for robotic developments, and the engineering sciences proposing their methods and tools for modelling, synthesis or validation of the hypotheses considered.

Referent contact :

Benoît GIRARD, Head of the AMAC team