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Perception, Interaction, Social Robotics

The PIRoS team conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of Social Perception, Social Interaction and Social Robotics. The research is based on methodologies of human-computer interaction, machine learning, signal processing and computer vision, but also on psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science and psychiatry.

Scientific Positioning

Our specific objectives are :


The fields of application are those that require the automatic analysis of humans or the interaction between a human and a machine:

  • health,
  • well-being,
  • education,
  • industry.

A privileged field of applications is the development of information and communication technologies for people with neurodevelopmental disorders. The PIRoS team has thus developed a partnership with the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

Referent contact :

Malika Auvray, Head of the PIRoS team