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  • Thomas Gargot

  • Doctorant
  • Équipe: Piros
  • Addresse: Centre Universitaire de Pédopsychiatrie, CHRU Bretonneau 2 boulevard Tonnellé, 37044 Tours CEDEX 9
  • Site web: https://twitter.com/ouphix


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  • Thomas Gargot, Nikitas Arnaoutoglou, Tiago Costa, Olga Sidorova, Natasha Liu-Thwaites, Stirling Moorey, Cécile Hanon (2020). Can we really teach cognitive behavioral therapy with a massive open online course?. European Psychiatry Vol 63 Pages e38.
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  • Pierre Le Denmat, Thomas Gargot, Mohamed Chetouani, Dominique Archambault, David Cohen, Salvatore Anzalone (2018). The CoWriter robot: improving attention in a learning-by-teaching setup. 5th Italian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics A workshop of the XVII International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA 2018)