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  • Michele Grimaldi

  • Alternant Ingenieur Systemes Intelligents
  • Équipe: Piros
  • Bureau: J01
  • Email: grimaldi@isir.upmc.fr


  • Michele Grimaldi, Catherine Pelachaud (2021). Generation of Multimodal Behaviors. WACAI 2021
  • Mickaëlla Grondin-Verdon, Nezih Younsi, Michele Grimaldi, Catherine Pelachaud, Laurence Chaby, Lola Canamero (2021). Induction of the being-seen-feeling by an embodied conversational agent in a socially interactive context. IVA GALA
  • Brice Pablo de Diesbach, Richard P. Bagozzi, Alexandre Mazel, Jean-Philippe Galan, Michele Grimaldi, Maria Cornide Santos (2021). EcSAAM: a model studying the acceptance and effect of virtual agents, holograms and robots on loneliness and quality of life, for elderly care in a context of Covid or social isolation. Journée ALCOR - Consommation et Soin Vol 1