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  • Theo Jourdan

  • Post-doctorant
  • Équipe: ACIDE
  • Email: jourdan@isir.upmc.fr
  • Site web: https://hci.isir.upmc.fr/people/theo-jourdan/
  • Bio: I am postdoc researcher under the supervision of Baptiste Caramiaux in the ACIDE team at the ISIR laboratory. My research interests are machine learning, interaction design and specifically using machine learning algorithms to support exploration in music making. I focus on the study of machine learning technology situated in human musical practices. My research adopts a critical perspective on this technology, as a way to include socio-cultural aspects of musical expression. I hold a PhD from Institut National Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Lyon, made with Carole Frindel and Antoine Boutet, on privacy machine learning for healthcare.


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