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19 publications trouvées pour l'année '2020'.

Articles dans des revues internationales avec comité de lecture (13)

[2020ACLI4687] - Broekens, J. and Chetouani, M. (2020). Towards Transparent Robot Learning through TDRL-based Emotional Expressions.
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing to appear.
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[2020ACLI4732] - Fournier, P. and Colas, C. and Chetouani, M. and Sigaud, O. (2020). CLIC: Curriculum Learning and Imitation for object Control in non-rewarding environments.
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems to appear.
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[2020ACLI4779] - Khamassi, M. and Girard, B. (2020). Modeling awake hippocampal reactivations with model-based bidirectional search.
Biological Cybernetics Vol - Pages 1-18.
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[2020ACLI4777] - Marcel, Valentin and Argentieri, Sylvain and Gas, Bruno (2020). Where do I move my sensors? Emergence of a topological representation of sensors poses from the sensorimotor flow.
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems to appear.
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[2020ACLI4783] - Vérité, F. and Soria, S. and Reynolds, R. and Bachta, W. (2020). Perception of haptic motion is enhanced during conditions of increased postural stability.
Gait and Posture Vol 76 Pages 334-338.
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[2020ACLI4786] - Merad, M and Montalivet, E and Legrand, M and Mastinu, E and Ortiz-Catalan, M and Touillet, A and Martinet, N and Paysant, J and Roby-Brami, A and Jarrasse, N (2020). Assessment of an automatic prosthetic elbow control strategy using residual limb motion for transhumeral amputated individuals with socket or osseointegrated prostheses.
IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics Vol 1 Pages 1-12.
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[2020ACLI4790] - Mohand Ousaid, A. and Haliyo, S. and Régnier, S. and Hayward, V. (2020). High Fidelity Force Feedback Facilitates Manual Injection in Biological Samples.
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Vol na Pages in press.
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[2020ACLI4791] - Shao, Y. and Hayward, V. and Visell, Y. (2020). Compression of dynamic tactile information in the human hand.
Science Advances Vol na Pages in press.
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[2020ACLI4792] - Du, W. Fnadi, M. and Ben Amar, F. (2020). Whole-body Motion Tracking for a Quadruped-on-wheel Robot via a Compact-form Controller with Improved Prioritized Optimization.
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Vol 5 No 2 Pages 516 - 523.
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[2020ACLI4793] - Du, W. and Ben Amar, F. (2020). A Compact Form Dynamics Controller for a High-DOF Tetrapod-on-wheel Robot with one Manipulator via Null Space based Convex Optimization and Compatible Impedance Controllers.
Multibody System Dynamics Vol in press Pages ....
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[2020ACLI4794] - Bouton, A. and Grand, Ch. and Ben Amar, F. (2020). Design and Control of a Compliant Wheel-on-Leg Rover which Conforms to Uneven Terrain.
Transaction on Mechatronics Vol in press Pages ....
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[2020ACLI4796] - Ouss, L. and Palestra, G. and Saint-Georges, C. and Leitgel Gille, M. Afshar, M. and Pellerin, H. and Bailly, K. and Chetouani, M. and Robel, L. and Golse, B. and Nabbout, R. and Desguerre, I. and Guergova-Kuras, M. and Cohen, D. (2020). Behavior and interaction imaging at 9 months of age predict autism/intellectual disability in high-risk infants with West syndrome.
Translational Psychiatry (Nature) Vol 10 No 54 Pages 54.
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[2020ACLI4797] - Parlato-Oliveira, E. and Chetouani, M. and Cadic, J-M. and Viaux, S. and Ghattassi, Z. and Xavier, J. and Ouss, L. and Feldman, R. and Muratori, F. and Cohen, D. and Saint-Georges, C. (2020). The emotional component of Infant Directed-Speech: A cross-cultural study using machine learning.
Neuropsychiatrie de l'Enfance et de l'Adolescence to appear.
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Chapitres d'ouvrages scientifiques (2)

[2020COS4737] - Cohen-Lhyver, B. and Argentieri, S. and Gas, B. (2020). Audition as a Trigger of Head Movements.
The Technology of Binaural Understanding, Jens Blauert, Jonas Braasch, editors Vol Chapter 23
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[2020COS4798] - Palestra, G. and Granata, C. and Hupont, I. and Chetouani, M. (2020). Technology for Assisting During the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Process: The ASSESSTRONIC Project.
Advances in Robotics Research: From Lab to Market: ECHORD++: Robotic Science Supporting Innovation, Grau, A. and Morel, Y. and Puig-Pey, A. and Cecchi F., editors Vol 132 Pages 229-247.
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Communications internationales avec actes (4)

[2020ACTI4799] - Chalard,R. and Reversat,D. and Morel,G. and Vitrani,M.-A. (2020). Fast and accurate intracorporeal targeting through an anatomical orifice exhibiting unknown behavior..
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) Pages 1-6.
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[2020ACTI4771] - Avellino, Ignacio and Arico, Mario and Bailly, Gilles and Morel, Guillaume and Canlorbe, Geoffroy (2020). Multimodal and Mixed Control of Robotic Endoscopes.
Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Pages tbd. New York, NY, USA.
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[2020ACTI4780] - Oikonomou, P. and Khamassi, M. and Tzafestas, C. (2020). Periodic movement learning in a soft-robotic arm.
IEEE ICRA 2020 Pages -. Paris, France.
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[2020ACTI4795] - Fnadi, M. and Du, W. and Plumet, F. and Ben Amar, F. (2020). Local Obstacle-skirting Path Planning for a Fast Bi-steerable Rover using Béziers Curves.
Proc. of IEEE/ICRA Int Conf. on Robotics and Automation Paris Pages ....
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