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CONINX Alexandre
Titre : Maître de Conférences
Adresse : 4 place Jussieu, CC 173, 75252 Paris cedex 05
Email : coninx(at)
Equipe : AMAC (AMAC)

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[2020ACTI4866] - Le Goff, Léni, K and Hart, Emma and Coninx, Alexandre and Doncieux, Stephane (2020). On Pros and Cons of Evolving Topologies with Novelty Search.
Artificial Life Conference Proceedings. Pages 423-431.
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[2020ACTI4821] - Doncieux, S. and Paolo, G. and Laflaquière, A. and Coninx, A. (2020). Novelty Search makes Evolvability Inevitable.
Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. Pages 85-93.
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[2020ACTI4867] - Paolo, Giuseppe and Laflaquière, Alban and Coninx, Alexandre and Doncieux, Stephane (2020). Unsupervised Learning and Exploration of Reachable Outcome Space.
2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Pages 2379-2385.
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[2020AP4820] - Doncieux, S. and Bredèche, N. and LeGoff, L. and Girard, B. and Coninx, A. and Sigaud, O. and Khamassi, M. and Díaz-Rodríguez, N. and Filliat, D. and Hospedales, T. and Eiben, A. and Duro, R. (2020). DREAM Architecture: a Developmental Approach to Open-Ended Learning in Robotics.
Published : HAL preprint..
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[2019ACTI4776] - Doncieux, S. and Laflaquiere, A. and Coninx, A. (2019). Novelty Search: a Theoretical Perspective.
Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. Pages 99-106.
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[2018ACLI4635] - Doncieux, S. and Filliat, D. and Diaz-Rodriguez, N. and Hospedales, T. and Duro, R. and Coninx, A. and Roijers, D.M. and Girard, B. and Perrin, N. and Sigaud, O. (2018). Open-Ended Learning: A Conceptual Framework Based on Representational Redescription.
Frontiers in Neurorobotics. Vol 12 Pages 59.
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[2018ACTI4661] - Paleologue, V. and Martin, J. and Pandey, A. K. and Coninx, A. and Chetouani, M. (2018). Semantic-based interaction for teaching robot behavior compositions using spoken language,.
International Conference on Social Robotics. Pages 421-430.
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[2017ACTI4090] - Paléologue, V. and Martin, J. and Pandey, A. K. and Coninx, A. and Chetouani, M. (2017). Semantic-based interaction for teaching robot behavior compositions.
26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, RO-MAN 2017. Pages to appear.
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[2016ACLI3820] * - Coninx, Alexandre and {Ros Espinoza}, Raquel and Demiris, Yiannis and Baxter, Paul E. and Belpaeme, Tony and Oleari, Elettra and Mosconi, Marco and Bellini, Sara and Sacchitelli, Francesca and Pozzi, Clara and Sanna, Alberto and Kiefer, Bernd and Kruijff-Korbayov'{a}, Ivana and Bierman, Bert and Looije, Rosmarijn and Neerincx, Mark and Tesser, Fabio and Paci, Giulio and Sommavilla, Giacomo and Cosi, Piero and Hiolle, Antoine and Ca~{n}amero, Lola and Patsis, Georgios and Enescu, Valentin and Sahli, Hichem and Humbert, R'{e}mi (2016). Towards Long-Term Social Child-Robot Interaction: Using Multi-Activity Switching to Engage Young Users.
Journal of Human-Robot Interaction. Vol 5 No 1 Pages 32-67.
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[2016ACLI3839] - Coninx, A. and Bessière, P. and Droulez, J. (2016). Quick and energy-efficient Bayesian computing of binocular disparity using stochastic digital signals.
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. Vol In Press Pages In Press.
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[2016ACTI3932] - Coninx, A and Bessière, P and Mazer, E and Droulez, J and Laurent, R and Aslam, M A and Lobo, J (2016). Bayesian sensor fusion with fast and low power stochastic circuits.
Proceedings of 2016 IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC) IEEE/ICRC. Pages -.
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[2016BR3942] - Bessière, Pierre and Droulez, Jacques and Mazer, Emmanuel and Laurent, Raphael and Querlioz, Damien and Grollier, Julie and Faix, Marvin and Coninx, Alexandre and Colliaux, David (2016). Machine stochastique modulaire et procédé associé.
. No FR 16 01463
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[2012THDR2652] * - Coninx, A. (2012). Visualisation interactive de grands volumes de données incertaines : pour une approche perceptive.
. LPPA Collège de France / LJK Grenoble. These de doctorat. Université de Grenoble.
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[2011ACTI2650] * - Coninx, A. and Bonneau, G.-P. and Droulez, J. and Thibault, G. (2011). Visualization of uncertain scalar data fields using color scales and perceptually adapted noise.
Proceedings of the 8th international conference on Applied Perception for Graphics and Visualization (APGV 2011) ACM. Pages 59-66.
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[2008ACTN855] - Coninx, A. and Guillot, A. and Girard, B. (2008). Adaptive motivation in a biomimetic action selection mechanism.
NeuroComp 2008. Pages 158-162. Marseille, France.
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