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Sarazin Matthieu
Titre : Doctorant
Adresse : 4 place Jussieu, CC 173, 75252 Paris cedex 05
Email : sarazin(at)
Equipe : AMAC (AMAC)

My work consists in studying models of temporal information processing in cortical recurrent neural networks.

The title of my PhD work is "Multi-scale modeling of the neural basis of mental trajectories during the awake state, in collaboration with experimental analyses, from the cellular to the behavioral levels".
The question is: how can local order (spatiotemporal repeatable sequences) and global chaos (irregular asynchronouos resting activity) coexist?
As such, I attempt to account for learning dependencies of spatiotemporal sequences in a cortical recurrent neural network, while maintaining the signature chaotic irregular asynchronous resting activity.

My future ambition is to fully understand the neural underpinnings of higher-order flexible cortical computations, and build flexible AI inspired by the architectural and intrinsic neural properties of cortical networks.
More generally, my wish is to promote the exchange of ideas and principles between neuroscience and AI, inasmuch as both relate to intelligence.