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CHABY Laurence
Titre : Maître de Conférences
Adresse : 4 place Jussieu, CC 173, 75252 Paris cedex 05
Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 44 27 63 43
Email : chaby(at)
Equipe : PIRoS (PIRoS)

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[2018ACLI4576] - Grossard, C. and Chaby, L. and Hun, S. and Pellerin, H and Bourgeois, J. and Dapogny, A.and Ding, H and Serret, S. and Foulon, P. and Chetouani, M. and Chen, L. and Bailly, K and Grynszpan, O. and Cohen, D (2018). Children facial expression production: influence of age, gender, emotion subtype, elicitation condition and culture.
Frontiers in Psychology. Vol 9 Pages 446.
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[2017ACLI3968] - Chaby, L. and Hupont, I. and Avril, M. and Luherne-du Boullay, V. and Chetouani, M. (2017). Gaze behavior consistency among older and younger adults when looking at emotional faces.
Frontiers in Psychology. Vol 8 Pages 548.
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[2017ACLN3854] - Grossard, C. and Hun, S. and Serret, S. and Grynszpan, O. and Foulon, P. and Dapogny, A. and Bailly, K. and Chaby, L. and Cohen, D. (2017). Rééducation de l’expression émotionnelle chez l’enfant avec Trouble du Spectre Autistique grâce aux supports numériques : le projet JEMImE.
Neuropsychiatrie de l’enfance et de l’adolescence. Vol 65 Pages 21-32.
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[2017ACLN4485] - Cohen, D. and Grossard, C. and Grynszpan, O. and Anzalone, S. and Boucenna, S. and Xavier, J. and Chetouani, M. and Chaby, L. (2017). Autisme, jeux sérieux et robotique: réalité tangible ou abus de langage?.
Annales Médico-psychologiques, revue psychiatrique. Vol 175 Pages 438-445.
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[2017COS4095] - Chetouani, M. and Boucenna, S. and Chaby, L. and Plaza, M. and Cohen, D. (2017). Social Signal Processing and Socially Assistive Robotics in Developmental Disorders.
Social Signal Processing.
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[2015ACLI3560] - Chaby, L. and Luherne-du Boullay, V. and Chetouani, M. and Plaza, M. (2015). Compensating for age limits through emotional crossmodal integration.
Frontiers in Psychology. Vol 6 Pages 691.
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[2015ACLI3686] - Xavier, J and Vignaud, V and Ruggiero, R and Bodeau, N and Cohen, D and Chaby, L (2015). A Multidimensional Approach to the Study of Emotion Recognition in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Frontiers in Psychology. Vol 6 Pages 1954.
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[2015ACLI3687] - Giannitelli, M and Xavier, J and François, A and Bodeau, N, Laurent, C and Cohen, D and Chaby, L (2015). Facial, vocal and cross-modal emotion processing in early-onset schizophrenia spectrum disorders.
Schizophrenia Research. Vol 168 Pages 252-259.
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[2015ACLN3394] - Templier, L. and Chetouani, M. and Plaza, M. and Belot, Z. and Bocquet, P. and Chaby, L. (2015). Altered identification with relative preservation of emotional prosody production in patients with Alzheimer's disease..
Geriatrie et psychologie neuropsychiatrie du vieillissement. Vol 13 No 1 Pages 106-115.
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[2015COS3688] - Cohen, D and Chetouani, M and Chaby, L and Demouy, J and Plaza, M (2015). Traitement du signal social, émotion, communication et psychopathologie .
Emotion, Cognition & Communication. Pages 1-18.
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[2014ACLI2981] - Plaza, M. and du Boullay, V. and Perrault, A. and Chaby, L. and Capelle, C. (2014). A case of bilateral frontal tumors without ''frontal syndrome''.
Neurocase. Vol 20 No 6 Pages 671-683.
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[2014ACLI3190] - Luherne-du Boullay, V. and Plaza, M. and Perrault, A. and Capelle, L. and Chaby, L (2014). Atypical crossmodal emotional integration in patients with gliomas.
Brain and Cognition. Vol 92 Pages 1-16.
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[2014ACTI3193] - Chaby, L. and Chetouani, M. and Templier, L. and Dianoux, C and Luherne-du Boullay, V (2014). Aspect perceptif et expressif des émotions non-verbales au cours du vieillissement.
Journées d\'Etudes du Vieillissement. Pages 38.
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[2014COM3194] - Templier, L. and Kosma, A., and Chetouani, M. and Dianoux, C. and Chaby, L. (2014). Identification et production d'émotions faciales et vocales chez des patients atteints de la maladie d'Alzheimer .
Journées d'Etudes du Vieillissement XIIIeme Colloque International. Caen .
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[2013ACLI2404] - Plaza, M. and Capelle, L. and Maigret, G. and Chaby, L. (2013). Strengths and weaknesses of multimodal processing in a group of adults with gliomas.
Neurocase. Vol 19 No 3 Pages 302-312.
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[2013ASL2795] - Chaby, L. (2013). Emotions et perceptions émoussées chez le malade.
L'essentiel Cerveau & Psycho. Vol 13 Pages 28-33.
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[2012ACLN2498] - du Boullay, V. and Plaza, M. and Capelle, L. and Chaby, L. (2012). Identification des émotions chez des patients atteints de gliomes de bas grade vs. accidents vasculaires cérébraux.
Revue neurologique. Vol xx Pages xx.
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[2012ASL2665] - Chaby, L. (2012). Emotions et perception à l'épreuve de l'âge.
Cerveau & Psycho. Vol 53 Pages 70-77.
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[2012ACTI2649] - Plaza, M. and Chaby, L. (2012). Cross-modal neutral and emotional processing in pervasive developmental disorders NOS.
Neuropsychiatrie de l'Enfance et de l'Adolescence. Vol 60(5) Pages S95.
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[2012ACTI2531] - Chaby, L. and Chetouani, M. and Plaza, M. and Cohen, D. (2012). Exploring Multimodal Social-Emotional Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorders .
Workshop on Wide Spectrum Social Signal Processing, 2012 ASE/IEEE International Conference on Social Computing. Pages 950-954.
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[2012COM2670] - du Boullay, V. and Plaza, M. and Chaby, L. (2012). Crossmodal integration of facial and vocal emotion in normal aging.
XIIème Colloque International sur le Vieillissement Cognitif. Tours, France.
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[2011ACLI1710] - Chaby, L. and Narme, P. and George, N. (2011). Older Adults' Configural Processing of Faces : Role of Second-Order Information.
Psychology and Aging. Vol 26 Pages 71-79.
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[2011ACLI1942] - Vannetzel, L. and Chaby, L. and Cautru, F. and Cohen, D. and Plaza, M. (2011). Neutral versus emotional human stimuli processing in children with pervasive developmental disorders not otherwise specified.
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Vol 5 Pages 775-783.
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[2011ACLI1993] - Narme, P and Bonnet, A.M. and Dubois, B. and Chaby, L. (2011). Understanding facial emotion perception in Parkinson's disease: the role of configural processing.
Neuropsychologia. Vol 49 Pages 3295-3302.
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[2009ACLI1711] - Chaby, L. and Narme, P. (2009). Processing facial identity and emotional expression in normal aging and neurodegenerative diseases.
Psychol Neuropsychiatr Vieil. Vol 7(1) Pages 31-42.
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[2009ACLI2497] - Guillaume, C. and Guillery-Girard, B. and Chaby, L. and Lebreton, K. and Hugueville, L. and Eustache, F. and Fiori, N.. (2009). The time course of repetition effects for familiar faces and objects: an ERP study..
Brain Research. Vol 1248 Pages 149-161.
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[2009ASL2496] - Chaby, L. (2009). La reconnaissance des visages et de leurs émotions dans les démences neurodégénératives.
Alzheimer Actualités. Vol 207 Pages 8-10.
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