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ERDEN Mustafa Suphi
Titre : Chercheur Contractuel
Ne fait plus partie de l'unité

Currenly moved to the LASA laboratory at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland... (on 15.09.2012)

Research at ISIR

The research I have been conducting at ISIR is about designing mechatronic systems for the endoscopy operations in medicine, under the project named PERSEE.

The PERSEE project aims to help physicians make more informed choices about how to treat cancer patients to ultimately improve their outcomes. Its goal is to develop pre-operative minimally invasive techniques to provide decisive information that will help the surgeans plan the best, most efficient strategies, for instance including neoadjuvant therapeutics, to treat cancer patients.
Mauna Kea Technologies and EndoControl leads the project with input from teams at Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) of Pierre et Marie Curie University, and the department of digestive pathologies of Institut Mutualiste Montsouris (IMM), both in Paris; and the cancer center Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR), in Villejuif (Cell Imaging, Gastroenterology and Biopathology departments). The project is backed with support from the Industrial Strategic Innovation program (ISI) of OSEO.
Here is my CV as a .pdf file: CV_ms_erden.pdf
Past Research
Assistive Robotics (at TU Deltf)
  • Skill identification for manual welding



  • Assiting manual welding and air-brush painting with robot (videos: 2 MB, 5.4 MB)


Physical human-robot interaction (at TU Delft)
  • Interactive control of a robot without using force_sensors (videos: 6.6 MB, 2 MB)



  • Integration of interactive control with passively balanced robots


Function modeling and mechatronics design (at TU Delft)

  • Function modeling approaches
  • Modular design
  • Automatic control generation


Walking robots (at METU)

  • Six-legged walking robots (Robot-EA308) (videos: three-joint legs, tripod walking, 8 MB; two-joint legs, tripod walking, 2.8 MB)


  • Reinforcement learning of five-legged walking for the six-legged Robot-EA308 (video: 10 MB)


  • Optimal protraction of a biologically inspired robot leg (video: 0.7 MB)


  • Torque distribution in a six-legged tobot
  • Analysis of wave gaits for energy efficiency
  • Multi-agent system based fuzzy controller design


Social Human-Robot Interaction (at ENSTA)
  • Lecture given at SOCORO2010 Summer SchoolSocial Artifacts
  • Architecture of S-HRI



Past web-site:


TU Delft: