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Titre : Doctorant
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Topic: Study of haptic communication in comanipulation

Advisors: Jérôme Szewczyk, Ludovic Saint-Bauzel

Starting date: 1st October 2015

Desctiption: Comanipualtion describes the realization of a manipulative task while in physcial contact -direct or through an object- with a partner (human or robot).
Cobots (robots designed to perform comanipulative tasks with humans) are widely used for a large range of functions such as motion guidance, stabilization or force amplification. But they are usually restrained to a "slave" role during the comanipulation.

The long term goal of our research work is to achieve intuitive and reliable human-robot physical interaction, in which both partners (human or robot) can exchange information and swap roles through the sole base of haptic information, while reaching maximal performances. Intuitive, here, means that the exchange of information should feel as natural as possible, and should not require specific training to be conducted properly.
In order to achieve this kind of human-robot interaction, we first need to understand precisely the various mechanisms underlying in the human-human interaction. Indeed, only a thorough comprehension of the way humans interact through touch will allow us to replicate these communication “protocols” and implement them in robotic devices.
More precisely, we are interested by the ability of humans to switch roles during comanipulation (being either master or slave - guiding or guided) with fluidity during the task.



2016-2017: Mécanique du solide rigide (L2 - Cursus ENSI)
2015-2016: Mécanique du solide (PEIP)



2015: International Master Degree "Mechatronic systems for rehabilitation"
               (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris, France)

2016: Engineer Degree, specialization in biomechanics
               (Arts et Métiers PARISTECH - Aix-en-Provence, France)