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Testimonials from our members

Catherine Achard

Professor, PIRoS team

« Being part of ISIR means benefiting from a favourable environment to develop your research, as much through the spirit of collegiality and mutual aid that reigns there, as through the technical and administrative support that is offered. »

Gilles Bailly

Researcher CNRS, Multi-Scale Interactions team

« What I really appreciate at ISIR is its multidisciplinary side. There is a strong willingness to collaborate with each other. There are no barriers between the teams and that’s very enriching on a day-to-day basis. »

Éléonore Ferrier-Barbut

Former Doctoral student, AGATHE team

« I am particularly happy to be part of the ISIR, especially as I am not in the core business of this laboratory, robotics and intelligent systems. The laboratory works for the integration of researchers from the human and social sciences, which is my case, and for me this is a sign of a real desire to develop devices that are not only technologically advanced but adapted to the human being and to the use he is destined to make of them. »

Philippe Gauthier

Software and Virtual Reality Engineer, Prevention Assistant

« I provide software development support to the projects of the various research teams. I really appreciate the health topics, the contact with doctors and it is motivating to participate in future ways of care. My colleagues are enthusiastic, our skills are combined on a wide variety of subjects and I learn a lot. Finally, as a prevention assistant, I try to listen to the staff and to avoid health and safety problems in the laboratory as much as possible. »

Elisa Massi

Doctoral student, AMAC team

« I chose to start a doctoral thesis at ISIR because it is a very valuable international laboratory in the field of robotics, bioengineering, artificial intelligence and neurosciences. My thesis work is on the frontier between neuroscience and artificial intelligence/robotics, but at ISIR I had the chance to be in contact with different research projects to share new points of view and advice. It’s a research laboratory with great multidisciplinarity and collaboration! »

Véronique Perdereau

Professor, SYROCO team

« ISIR, through the richness of its research themes, is a wonderful place for interdisciplinarity and the convivial laboratory life encourages exchanges between researchers. Moreover, all of them have strong links with the courses, which allows the dynamic presence of many Master’s students. »

Fabien Verite

Lecturer, AGATHE team

« To join us at ISIR is to join a deeply multidisciplinary laboratory where you can always find someone to give you precious advice. We can also count on high-quality human and technical resources as well as shared experimental platforms (robots, motion capture, virtual reality, surgery simulators, etc.). In addition to helping us with our day-to-day projects, this dynamic stimulates and above all promotes our future projects! »