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  • Edison Gerena

  • PostDoc
  • Team: Interactions
  • Office: H10
  • Email: edison.gerena@isir.upmc.fr
  • Phone:+33(0) 1 44 27 63 40
  • Addresse: Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, Pyramide T55/65 - BC 173
  • Bio: I am currently a post-doc researcher at Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR). I have obtained a PhD in microrobotics from Sorbonne University in 2020. I hold a Masters in Mechatronics Engineering for Health from Pierre and Marie Curie University in France, and a Masters in Ingeneria dell’Automazione Industriale with honors from the Università Degli Studi di Brescia in Italia. My current research focuses on the design and production of mobile microrobots for biomedical applications, and on innovative optical systems for the manipulation and characterization of cells. I am also part of the “Young Doctor” maturation program of SATT Lutech to promote my thesis results and define an optimal technology transfer strategy.


  • Edison Gerena, Stéphane Régnier, Sinan Haliyo (2021). Interactive Laser-actuated micro-robots for Experimental Biology. International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technology (ISOT) 2021
  • Edison Gerena, Florent Legendre, Youen Vitry, Stephane Regnier, Sinan Haliyo (2020). Improving optical micromanipulation with force-feedback bilateral coupling. International Conference on Robotics and Automation - ICRA'20 Pages 10292-10298.
  • Edison Gerena, Florent Legendre, Akshay Molawade, Youen Vitry, Stéphane Régnier, Sinan Haliyo (2019). Tele–Robotic Platform for Dexterous Optical Single-Cell Manipulation. Micromachines Vol 10 Pages 677.
  • Edison Gerena, Stéphane Régnier, Sinan Haliyo (2019). High-Bandwidth 3-D Multitrap Actuation Technique for 6-DoF Real-Time Control of Optical Robots. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Vol 4 Pages 647-654.
  • Edison Gerena, Florent Legendre, Youen Vitry, Stephane Regnier, Sinan Haliyo (2019). Robotic optical-micromanipulation platform for teleoperated single- cell manipulation. Proceedings of 2019 International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales (MARSS) Pages 60.
  • Munan Yin, Edison Gerena, Cecile Pacoret, Sinan Haliyo, Stephane Regnier (2017). High-bandwidth 3d force feedback optical tweezers for interactive bio-manipulation. 2017 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Vancouver, Canada. Pages 1889-1894.