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  • David Gueorguiev

  • Chercheur
  • Team: Interactions
  • Website: https://www.dgueorguiev.org/
  • Bio: I am interested in touch and multimodal interactions. My long-term goal is to connect haptics & multisensory perception to learning and decision-making. After a degree in Physics and a master thesis in computational neuroscience on the topic of human consciousness, I started a PhD on Touch at Université catholique de Louvain during which I studied the perception of natural textures and ultrasonic frictional feedback. In 2016, I became post-doc, first at INRIA Lille working on the subjective tactile perception during human-computer interaction and later in the Haptic Intelligence department at the Max-Planck institute in Stuttgart. where I investigated the finger behavior during 4D haptic interaction and the importance of timing for the perception of haptic cues. I am now researcher at Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique pursuing my long-term goal.


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