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31 publications found for year '2017'.

Peer-reviewed international journal articles (16)

[2017ACLI3631] - Krid, M. and Lenain, R. and Ben Amar, F. (2017). A new explicit dynamic path tracking controller using Generalized Predictive Control.
Int. Journal of Control, Automation and Systems Vol 15 No 1 Pages 13.
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[2017ACLI3693] - Jarrasse, N and NIcol, C and Touillet, A and Richer, F and Martinet, N and Paysant, J and De Graaf, J (2017). Classification of Phantom Finger, Hand, Wrist and Elbow Voluntary Gestures in Transhumeral Amputees with sEMG.
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering Vol 25 No 1 Pages 68-77.
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[2017ACLI3711] - Ivaldi, S. and Lefort, S. and Peters, J. and Chetouani, M. and Provasi, J. and Zibetti, E. (2017). Towards engagement models that consider individual factors in HRI: on the relation of extroversion and negative attitude towards robots to gaze and speech during a human-robot assembly task.
International Journal of Social Robotics Vol 9 No 1 Pages 63-86.
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[2017ACLI3769] - Salam, H. and Celiktutan, O. and Hupont, I. and Gunes, H. and Chetouani, M. (2017). Fully Automatic Analysis of Engagement and Its Relationship to Personality in Human-Robot Interactions.
IEEE Access to appear.
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[2017ACLI3841] - Vaquette, G. and Achard, C. and Lucat, L. (2017). Robust Information Fusion in the DOHT Paradigm for Real Time Action Detection.
Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, accepté Vol - Pages -.
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[2017ACLI3842] - Aigrain, J. and Spodenkiewicz, M. and Dubuisson, S. and Detyniecki, M. and Cohen, D. and Chetouani, M. (2017). Multimodal stress detection from multiple assessments.
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing to appear.
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[2017ACLI3857] - Lu, T. and Pacoret, C. and Hériban, D. and Mohand Ousaid, A. and Régnier, S. and Hayward, V. (2017). KiloHertz Bandwidth, Dual-Stage Haptic Device Lets You Touch Brownian Motion.
IEEE Transactions on Haptics Vol na Pages in press .
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[2017ACLI3859] - Dupin, L. and Hayward, V. and Wexler, M. (2017). Generalized movement representation in haptic perception.
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance Vol na Pages in press .
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[2017ACLI3862] - Maurice, P. and Padois, V. and Measson, Y. and Bidaud, P. (2017). Human-oriented design of collaborative robots.
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics Vol 57 Pages 88--102.
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[2017ACLI3867] - Bouyer, P. and Markey, N. and Perrin, N. and Schlehuber-Caissier, P. (2017). Timed-automata abstraction of switched dynamical systems using control invariants .
Real-Time Systems Vol - Pages 1-27.
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[2017ACLI3868] - Perrin, N. and Ott, C. and Englsberger, J. and Stasse, O., and Lamiraux, F. and Caldwell, D.G. (2017). Continuous Legged Locomotion Planning .
IEEE Transactions on Robotics Vol - Pages 1-6.
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[2017ACLI3886] - Cai, V. A. D. and Bidaud, P. and Hayward, V. and Gosselin, F. (2017). Self-adjustment mechanisms and their application for orthosis design .
Meccanica Vol 52 No 3 Pages 713-728.
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[2017ACLI3890] - Anzalone, S. and Varni, G. and Ivaldi, S. and Chetouani, M. (2017). Automated prediction of Extraversion during Human-Humanoid interaction.
International Journal of Social Robotics to appear.
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[2017ACLI3904] - Zimmer, M. and Doncieux, S. (2017). Bootstrapping Q-Learning for Robotics from Neuro-Evolution Results.
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems Vol - Pages -.
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[2017ACLI3907] - Le Goff, Léni K. and Mukhtar, Ghanim and Le Fur, Pierre-Henri and Doncieux, Stéphane (2017). Segmenting objects through an autonomous agnostic exploration conducted by a robot.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing Taichung University. full length paper.
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[2017ACLI3943] - Friedman, Joseph S. and Droulez, Jacques and Bessière, Pierre and Lobo, Jorge and Querlioz, Damien (2017). Approximation Enhancement for Stochastic Bayesian Inference.
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning Vol - Pages -.
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Peer-reviewed national journal articles (1)

[2017ACLN3854] - Grossard, C. and ., Hun, S. and Serret, S. and Grynszpan, O. and Foulon, P. and Dapogny, A. and Bailly, K. and Chaby, L. and Cohen, D. (2017). Rééducation de l’expression émotionnelle chez l’enfant avec Trouble du Spectre Autistique grâce aux supports numériques : le projet JEMImE.
Neuropsychiatrie de l’enfance et de l’adolescence to appear.
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Book chapters (2)

[2017COS3830] - Meguenani, A. and Padois, V. and Da Silva, J. and Hoarau, A. and Bidaud, P. (2017). Energy-based control for safe Human-robot physical interactions.
Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics -- The 2016 International Symposium on Experimental Robotics, Kulic, D. and Venture, G. and Nakamura, Y. and Khatib, O., editors
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[2017COS3831] - Savin, J. and Gilles, M. and Gaudez, C. and Padois, V. and Bidaud, P. (2017). Movement variability and digital human models: development of a demonstrator taking the effects of muscular fatigue into account.
Advances in Applied Digital Human Modeling and Simulation: Proceedings of the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Digital Human Modeling and Simulation, Duffy, Vincent G., editors Pages 169--179.
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International invited talks (2)

[2017INVI3817] - Khamassi, M. (2017). A computational model of parallel learning processes involved in Pavlovian lever-autoshaping.
50th Winter Conference on Brain Research (WCBR) Big Sky, Montana, USA. invited conference.
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[2017INVI3806] - De Graaf , JB and Rossato, J and Nicol, C and Jarrasse, N and Touillet, A (2017). Motor Commands Send To Residual Upper-Arm Muscles During Phantom Hand Movements Are Send From The Cortical Hand Area: an EEG Study on Cortico-muscular Coherence..
Annual World Congress of Neurotalk (NT) Barcelona, Spain. invited conference.
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National invited talks (1)

[2017INVN3876] - Jarrasse, N (2017). Homme réparé, homme augmenté? Corps et technique..
La Science se livre: De la santé connectée à l'homme augmenté Neuilly Sur Seine. invited conference.
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Peer-reviewed international conference papers (9)

[2017ACTI3869] - Jarrasse, N and Nicol, C and Touillet, A and Richer F, and Martinet, N and Paysant, J and De Graaf, JB (2017). Control of prosthetics through EMG patterns associated to phantom limb voluntary gestures is possible in transhumeral amputees without surgical reinnervation.
16th World Congress of the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) ISPO Pages xx. Cape Town, South Africa.
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[2017ACTI3865] - Paetzel, M. and Hupont Torres, I. and Varni, G. and Chetouani, M. and Peters, C. and Castellano, G. (2017). Exploring the Link between Self-assessed Mimicry and Embodiment in HRI.
ACM/IEEE HRI ’17 Companion Pages to appear. Vienna, Austria.
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[2017ACTI3860] - Khamassi, M. and Velentzas, G. and Tsitsimis, T. and Tzafestas, C. (2017). Active exploration and parameterized reinforcement learning applied to a simulated human-robot interaction task.
IEEE Robotic Computing 2017 Pages -. Taipei, Taiwan.
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[2017ACTI3861] - Aklil, N. and Girard, B. and Khamassi, M. and Denoyer, L. (2017). Sequential Action Selection for Budgeted Localization in Robots.
IEEE Robotic Computing 2017 Pages -. Taipei, Taiwan.
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[2017ACTI3863] - Velentzas, G. and Tzafestas, C. and Khamassi, M. (2017). Bio-inspired meta-learning for active exploration during non-stationary multi-armed bandit tasks.
IEEE Intelligent Systems Conference 2017 Pages -. London, UK.
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[2017ACTI3864] - Rano, I. and Khamassi, M. and Wong-Lin, K. (2017). A Drift Diffusion Model of Biological Source Seeking for Mobile Robots.
IEEE ICRA 2017 Pages -. Singapore.
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[2017ACTI3871] - Bouton, A. and Grand, A. and Ben Amar, F. (2017). Obstacle Negotiation Learning for a Compliant Wheel-on-Leg Robot.
Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, IEEE/ICRA Pages 6 pages, to appear.
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[2017ACTI3884] - Liang, S. and Boudaoud, M. and Cagneau, B. and Régnier, S. (2017). Velocity characterization and control strategies for nano- robotic systems based on piezoelectric stick-slip actuators.
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) Pages 00-00. Singapore.
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[2017ACTI3889] - Proietti, T. and Morel, G. and Roby-Brami, A. and Jarrasse, N. (2017). Comparison of different error signals driving the adaptation in assist-as-needed controllers for neurorehabilitation with an upper-limb robotic exoskeleton.
in proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), IEEE, publisher Pages -.
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