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Interactions multi-échelles

Multiscale Interactions Lab

Head: Sinan Haliyo

[This section is currently being updated. In the meantime, consult here and here for an outdated overview of our activities]

We strive to to make intangible spaces such as the microworld or raw information accessible, perceptible and manipulable. Human interaction with such physical or digital environments requires the development of suitable hardware and software interfaces and devices.
Several approaches such as haptics, visualization, audio, virtual and augmented reality are considered in addition to robotic systems to design and develop more efficient, transparent and dedicated interfaces to support operator's cognition and decision-making.

This work is based on a better understanding of human behaviour and the environment by focusing on the modalities of action, perception and control at different scales ranging from the intelligent workshop and the digital office to micromanipulation.


Permanent Members
BAILLY Gilles Individual page
BOUDAOUD Mokrane Individual page
haliyo Sinan Individual page
hayward Vincent Individual page
JANSEN Yvonne Individual page
Régnier Stéphane Individual page
Non Permanent Members
AWDE Ahmad Individual page
BOUZBIB Elodie Individual page
CAILLIEZ Jonathan Individual page
CAURA Fabien Individual page
DAHER Georges Individual page
DAUNIZEAU Thomas Individual page
DUVERNOY Basil Individual page
FRADET Camille Individual page
FRANCOIS Quentin Individual page
GERENA Edison Individual page
LEGENDRE Florent Individual page
LIANG Shuai Individual page
Muller Delphine Individual page
Nguyen Huy Hoang Individual page
RAISSI Reyhaneh Individual page
SAINT-AUBERT Justine Individual page
SAKR Sophia Individual page