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The AGATHE team is working on the development of exoskeletons aimed at assiting a patient during  neuromotor rehabilitation. This video summarizes our works on the ABLE exoskeleton.

A few years ago, within the GABIE project, we have developed new control methods to guide surgical instruments with visual servoing based on ultrasound images. On this video, the first in vivo intracardiac intervention ever realized with this approach.
Thanks to shape-memory alloy wires, we can provide catheters with controled mobility in order to ease the intravascular navigation.
From the first prototype to the Jaimy product, a video about our reserach in the field of dexterous surgical instrumentation.
MC2E, the first robotic endoscopic instrument holder able to control the forces applied by the instrument on the organs. The concept also allows comanipulation.
Robotol is a teleoperated robot allowing for middle ear surgery. In this video discover a demonstration of its abilities and its accuracy.
To provide assistance to the milling gesture in orthopedic surgery, Surgicobot  applies constraints on the instrument. Originality : it can adapts in real time to the physiological movements.
Within the PERSEE project, we work on the robotisation of confocal endomicroscopic imaging in the abdomen.
The MIRAS project has allowed to produce a robotic walker and test it in a geriatric hospital. This robot enables elderly people with balance and/or cognitive disorders to use a walker and keep walking.