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Régnier Stéphane
Title : Professor
Address : 4 place Jussieu, CC 173, 75252 Paris cedex 05
Phone : +33 (0) 1 44 27 28 79
Email : regnier(at)
Group : Interactions multi-échelles (Interactions multi-échelles)

The MICROB group deals with interactive micro-nano robotics and particularly :

- Analysis and specificities of adhesive forces for micromanipulations,
- Design and control of magnetic microrobots,
- Atomic force microscopy based nanorobotics, high-efficiency automated nanomanipulation,
- Nanorobotic system for in situ stiffness measurements,
- Haptic feedback teleoperation systems for micromanipulation and microassembly.

Our team is involved in several projects :

- the Nanorobust project funded by ANR about the in-situ characterization of nano-objects,
- the LEMA project about the assembly of microcomposants in liquid medium,
- the Remiqua project about the development of modular and versatile systems for microassembly and quality inspection,
- the Tactom project about Tactile Micromanipulation with the technology transfer company (SATT) Lutech.

Publications of the research group are available through the link here.