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Back to the ISIR Party: a day of science and sharing

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On Wednesday 3 July 2024, ISIR celebrated its annual “ISIR Party”. This event brought together the entire laboratory community for a day rich in exchanges and convivial moments.

The day began with a General Meeting, a key moment for taking stock of the past year and discussing future projects. The event was punctuated by a variety of presentations, providing an overview of the laboratory’s activities: presentations by the research teams, the “Machine Learning and Robotics” and “Intelligent Systems Engineering” priority areas, the representatives of the non-permanent staff, with a review of our Doctoral Students’ Day on 27 May, and the Culture Lab (interactions between art and science).

The day was punctuated by moments of exchange and conviviality, with lunch, the exhibition of the ISIR internal photo competition illustrating the daily life of the laboratory through our research activities and our premises, and, at the end of the day, a cocktail party with games and an open stage where everyone could reveal their singing, musical and dancing talents. It was in this warm atmosphere that the day drew to a close.

Published on 04 July 2024.