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The flagship event that celebrates the sharing of science will take place from October 7 to 17, 2022 in metropolitan France and from November 10 to 27 in overseas territories and internationally. The theme of this 31st edition of the Fête de la science will be climate change.  

The 2022 edition at Sorbonne University, entitled “The World is Changing, the Science Too”, broadens the theme to the notion of change.

At ISIR, researchers contribute to anticipate the profound transformations in our societies, by working on the autonomy of machines and their ability to interact with human beings. 

ISIR will participate in the Fête de la Science through several events in October 2022. 

School Home | Tomorrow’s Robots! Robotics workshops 

ISIR welcomes school groups to discover robotics through the programming of a mobile robot. After a presentation of the basic principles of robotics and a description of the robot, the participants will be able to program the robot.

Tomorrow, robots! Robotics workshops

Thursday, 13th and Friday, 14th October 2022

The robotics workshop lasts 1 hour and is intended for primary and secondary school classes. 

Visit | Discovering robotics

ISIR opens its doors to the general public to discover its research activities. ISIR’s researchers will present their promising research work through experimental demonstrations and mini-conferences. 

Come and discover the research activities conducted at ISIR and explore the world of robotics and its new technologies.

Discovering robotics

Saturday, 15th October from 1pm to 6pm

Free admission.

The laboratory focuses on the autonomy of machines and their ability to interact with human beings. The research applications address major societal issues: health, industry of the future and personal services.

DEMONSTRATIONS – from 1pm to 6pmAll public, free access or with registration. The laboratory reserves the right to close temporarily the access to the visit, if the flow of visitors is too important.

  • Greta platform and Furhat robotic head, Pyramid – lobby level
  • Drone activities (from 1 to 3:30 pm) or Motion prediction and tracking of a person by an omnidirectional robot (from 3:30 to 6 pm), Aviary room – basement level
  • Surgical cockpit, SIMA room – basement level
  • Haptic interfaces, SIMA room – basement level
  • CoVR platform, SIMA room – basement level – on registration at the laboratory reception desk
  • Robot arm by head movements, SIMA room – basement level
  • Transmitting movement intentions via haptic robots, room SIMA – basement level
  • Learning through navigation, room 312 – 3rd floor corridor 65/66
  • Baxter: learning motor skills, room 312 – 3rd floor corridor 65/66

PRESENTATIONS – 20 minutes, followed by questionsIn room H20, second floor of the laboratory. All audiences, subject to availability

15:00: “Robots and men”, by Emmanuel Guigon
16:00: “Interactive micro-robotics and small-scale instrumentation”, by Mokrane Boudaoud
17:00: “Human-Machine Interaction: Technology for humans (and not the other way around)”, by Gilles Bailly

Contact pour les manifestations de l’ISIR : fetedelascience(at)isir.upmc.fr

Learn more about the Fête de la Science at Sorbonne University on the official website of the Fête de la Science.