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FutuRobot: the CNRS series of events on robotics

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Are you fascinated, intrigued or impressed by robots ? From September 2020 to June 2021, the series of events #FutuRobot of the CNRS in partnership with Konbini techno will allow everyone to explore robotics in all its facets, from humanoid robotics to medical or bioinspired robotics.

Robots never cease to arouse fascination and questioning. These growing allies of our daily lives are already found in the fields of health, agriculture, automobiles, transportation, or space exploration. Their development is for many a promise of reindustrialization for many countries, such as France. From September 2020 to June 2021, the series of events #FutuRobot of the CNRS gives the public the opportunity to discover today’s robotics and to question our relationship to these machines.

Campaign #AskCNRS on Social Media

FutuRobot has just been launched on social media with the #AskCNRS campaign. Internet users can use this hashtag to ask all their questions about robotics. Researchers will then respond to their requests via videos published throughout the year. To learn more, they will be able to follow #FutuRobot on social networks and visit the FutuRobot website, which includes an agenda of events throughout the territory and resources on the theme of robotics.

The FutuRobot challenge, a 100% digital treasure hunt

An appointment is also given on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 5:30 pm for a 100% digital and interactive treasure hunt to discover French research robots. Live on the CNRS YouTube channel and for nearly two hours, spectators will follow the adventures of Marie Treibert, the new video maker of the CNRS YouTube Zeste de Science channel, in the CNRS Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS-CNRS). She will take up the challenges posed by the scientists and robots she encounters along the way, with the help of Internet users who will be able to participate live in this treasure map of scientific research.

Find the CNRS dossier the Journal dedicated to robotics as well as the CNRS photo and video library. You will also find several thematic files of the photo library on this subject:

Manipulator robots and industrial robots: https://phototheque.cnrs.fr/p/962-1-1-0/
Mobile robots and autonomous robots: https://phototheque.cnrs.fr/p/960-1-1-0/
Microrobotics: https://phototheque.cnrs.fr/p/959-1-1-0/
Robotics, health and medical robots: https://phototheque.cnrs.fr/p/958-1-1-0/
Human-Robot Interactions: https://phototheque.cnrs.fr/p/957-1-1-0/
Humanoid Robotics: https://phototheque.cnrs.fr/p/956-1-1-0/
Bio-inspired robotics: https://phototheque.cnrs.fr/p/955-1-1-0/

A multi-thematic list of experts on robotics is also available to journalists.