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ISIR is undergoing recent changes at the start of 2024, marked by the arrival of a new management team comprising Stéphane Doncieux* and Mohamed Chetouani**. The incoming management team succeeds Guillaume Morel, professor of robotics, who has held the position of director since 2019. 

*Stéphane Doncieux, director of ISIR, is professor of computer science at Sorbonne University. **Mohamed Chetouani, deputy director of ISIR, is professor in signal processing and machine learning for human-machine interaction at Sorbonne University. 

The restructuring of ISIR is characterized by the creation of five research teams:

ACIDE: Action, Cognition, Interaction and Embedded Decisions

ASIMOV: Learning for Intelligent Systems in Open Environments

IRIS: Interface and Robotics for Sensorimotor Interaction

MLIA: Machine learning

RPI-Bio: Robotics, Perception and Interaction for Biomedical Applications

The five new research teams reflect the diversity of fields explored at ISIR.

This year will also see the creation of two new priority areas, designed to provide scientific and technical leadership. The “Machine Learning and Robotics” axis, led by Nicolas Thome, will develop robotics projects in which machine learning will bring its full potential to bear. The “Intelligent Systems Engineering” axis, headed by Aline Baudry, will bring together the laboratory staff most involved in experimental work, to share our know-how as effectively as possible, both internally and with the scientific community. This will be done in coordination with our technical department, which supports our experimental activities.

Published 5th February 2024.