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Wearable hAptics for Virtual realitY

Project WAVY – Wearable hAptics for Virtual realitY

WAVY aims to design an advanced wearable haptic device for virtual reality, focusing on sensory illusions and making it accessible to the public. It is positioned in relation to three main research areas: 


Virtual reality (VR) has long been reserved for academia and industry. Today, it is finding its way into education, tourism, art, therapy and many other areas. Virtual reality has gained increasing interest in the consumer market in recent years thanks to the impact of technological advances in headsets, controllers and visual and audio rendering. However, a truly successful and complete virtual reality experience relies on exploiting all sensory modalities and giving the user the illusion that they are in a realistic world. To this end, a convincing haptic feedback, which allows touching and feeling during the interaction, is cruelly lacking.


The objectives of the WAVY project are:


The expected result is a device with a wide range of feedback (vibration, skin pressure, resistive feedback) associated with a software solution for creating haptic interactions and sensory illusions. The objective is that this software tool should be accessible and can be used to develop virtual reality applications via artistic and industrial use cases. 

Partnerships and collaborations

This project involves ISIR through a partnership with Sorbonne University led by David Gueorguiev, CNRS Research. The consortium is composed as follows: 

Project members