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The SyRoCo group focuses on the development of design and control methods for mobile robotic and manipulation systems. It is aiming to increase the methodological knowledge in the field of "mechanical and control co-design", of autonomous or collaborative robotic systems. In particular, it is necessary to take into account all the aspects related to the control (the software) from the outset stage of the concept and mechanical design (hardware). The complexity of these systems can be expressed by the large number of degrees of freedom (kinematic redundancy) or by their highly non-linear (or even irregular and uncertain) dynamics or by their interactions with the environment (friction, non-regular contacts, deformable contacts, fluid-structure couplings).

The scientific contributions of SyRoCo team includes three levels :
  • the design of innovative new robotic architectures,
  • the design of sensor-based controllers,
  • and, predictive and high-level controllers.
Validations of these designs and controllers are carried out through physical simulations (Gazebo, XDE, Adams, etc.) and/or experimentally on real robots, some of them are prototypes developed entirely in the lab.
Ongoing projects can be accessed via the following links :

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